Tuesday, November 6, 2007

You should know about islam point of view for qaeda

Islam point of view for qaeda

The religion of Islam consider killing as a major sin
Islam says that any body kills someone who did not kill or killing someone without purpose , is like killing all people

The religious men in Islamic countries consider the Qaeda as extremist organisation

what USA people think is that all Muslims in the world are loving the Qaeda which is completely wrong, it is just what the USA media wants you to believe

What did the Qaeda gain ?

What did the Qaeda gain ?

Did the Qaeda really gain anything from terrorist attacks?

Did any muslim gain ?

the over all benefit came to USA Investors and KSA also, as Fahrenheit 9/11 fil, showed (It was really wonderful and showed my Ideas)

the whole benefits were individual ... these wars and mass killings were just for money
and money for only some people

Who did lose?
Muslims allover the world and the american people who have lost there soldiers for nothing.. I m sorry to say that
but it was really for nothing for them , it was just only for money

Friday, July 20, 2007

Al-Qaeda is American

9/11 Mysteries - Building Collapses - The funniest movie is here. Find it

Personally, US CIA did not convince me about their story, and I’m still having doubt that there is a dirty hand from US government behind this. Please some one explains to me how CIA found Mohammed Ata’a passport?"


Thursday, July 12, 2007


So, who did 9\11?

Can it be George bush?

of corse no..it was planed carefully by people in CIA and weapon dealers

But of course George bush knew about it...and agreed!!!

yes because he wanted to continue his father strategies in iraq and Afghanistan
what else can start a war than 3000 american dies in a tragic humiliating attack?

Bin Laden fought for america and he still does...

Bin Laden was an american soldier when he fight against Soviet Union

what makes him fight for them america if it's people are "disbelievers" ?

it is not allowed at all to fight with disbelievers (as he think of the american people)

and then what makes him change his mind to fight against them?

Monday, July 9, 2007

11 september

Do you really think that who arranged for this huge attack was really a man living in caves in Afghanistan ?

Do you really think that 19 persons succeeded in passing to the airplane with their knives or weapons?

Do you really think that a person ,whatever how he trained, can drive a plane precisely
to the two buildings this accurate way....there are some pilots aren't capable of doing it
this way after there long years of training

You believe your American government and you believe George Bush because you want to...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Where is Osama Bin Ladenً

I bet he is totally relaxing in a safe place, Hawaii may be, most probably he had shaved...:)
Do you wonder where he have gone?
where are his videos?
Is he dead?
if he was dead the Qaida will surely say so, making him an imortal

My theory states that "Bin laden is an american agent, but his troops and men are pure mujahedine who were fooled by religeous words that motivated them"

Zawhiri ,zarkawi and all leaders are american agents..who were chosen carefully

If you notice all have common character : Lived in forien country GB or America

If I was an american leader I will think the same way

I will try to make an orgnization that claims that America is their enemy, collect enthusiastic youth and slowly deactivating them by : suiside bombing, arrest or directly killing them...it is currently happening

It is all about weapon dealers, large companies and personal benefits