Tuesday, November 6, 2007

You should know about islam point of view for qaeda

Islam point of view for qaeda

The religion of Islam consider killing as a major sin
Islam says that any body kills someone who did not kill or killing someone without purpose , is like killing all people

The religious men in Islamic countries consider the Qaeda as extremist organisation

what USA people think is that all Muslims in the world are loving the Qaeda which is completely wrong, it is just what the USA media wants you to believe

What did the Qaeda gain ?

What did the Qaeda gain ?

Did the Qaeda really gain anything from terrorist attacks?

Did any muslim gain ?

the over all benefit came to USA Investors and KSA also, as Fahrenheit 9/11 fil, showed (It was really wonderful and showed my Ideas)

the whole benefits were individual ... these wars and mass killings were just for money
and money for only some people

Who did lose?
Muslims allover the world and the american people who have lost there soldiers for nothing.. I m sorry to say that
but it was really for nothing for them , it was just only for money